Let TROON CIVIL LTD do all the groundwork to get your landscaping project on its feet! From concept to completion we will perfectly clear and prepare your site.
We understand the importance of getting the foundations for your landscaping right, as it directly affects the outcome of how well your new turf and plants will thrive. Our skilled operators use only the most advanced equipment to carry out jobs to the highest standard, quickly and efficiently, regardless of how big or small your project may be.

We will tackle even the most difficult sites. Some residential properties have sloping or raised yards, which is not ideal for families with kids or for entertaining. We can excavate your area to ensure your area is levelled appropriately just the way you need it.

If your access points are tight or hard to navigate – no problems! We have specific tools designed to work within confined spaces that will still achieve the result you are after.


• Removal of old turf, garden beds and unwanted plants
• Site preparation ready for new turf installation
• Cut and fill site levelling
• Supply of quality topsoil – ensuring your lawn and plants 
have quality soil is the key to a long-lasting garden
• Excavation for drainage
• Excavation of sloping sites
• Cutting and terracing of sloping sites
• Site preparation for retaining walls, paving, or decking

Superior workmanship – we will do the job right the first time with absolute precision. You could hire the machinery and do it yourself, but with experts on your side we can save you valuable time.
Fast completion times – we do not muck around; we will work hard to ensure your project is completed on time.
No mess – once all of the preparation is complete, we will leave your site clean and free of any unwanted debris.
Competitive rates – we are all about offering a quality service at an affordable price.