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Troon Civil Ltd is committed to delivering the highest level of Health, safety and wellness we can to all our staff and clients.

The responsibility for safety is an integral part of everyday work, therefore it is vital that we share our commitments on eliminating, minimising or isolating unsafe acts and conditions by thinking safely and acting safely at all times so we can all come home safe.

• A Safety Manager dedicated to all Health, Safety and Wellness needs

• Establishing and re- enforcing protocols for our industry

• Ensuring that all safety systems, procedures, and documents are reviewed periodically and are monitored for effectiveness

• Improving techniques and enhancing training

• Ensure that all employees accept their responsibility to promote health, safety and wellness in the workplace and insist upon safe work methods being practiced at all times and ensure employee participation at all levels

• Comply with all legislative requirements regulations, standards and code of practice

• Have a goal of continual improve health, safety, and wellness within our company

• One of our top priorities is zero injuries each year

• Disposing of green waste properly is important for your health and the environment. The consequences of throwing out your lawn with general rubbish that ends up in landfill is dire. Garden waste dumped in landfill will produce toxic substances such as methane (which contributes to global warming) and leachate (which is harmful to your health if it seeps into groundwater supplies or waterways)


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