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Concrete Removal & Replacement

Troon Civil Ltd provide concrete removal and replacement for both residential and commercial properties. We provide both a safe and environmental removal of concrete waste material.

We have extensive experience in removing and replacing concrete across the following types of applications ...

• Commercial projects
• Driveways
• Footpaths and crossovers
• Reinforced concrete
• Swimming pools
• Concrete footings
• Industrial concrete flooring
• We specialise in driveway removals. If your driveway has holes and cracks appearing and is exposed to high traffic on a daily basis, then it may be time to consider a driveway makeover. We can determine the best approach to removing your driveway, be it a simple repair job, partial removal, or the entire driveway.
• We will strip out your driveway, carefully removing any uneven and broken slabs, whilst keeping any surrounding structures intact. Should we need to remove the entire driveway, we will make sure the base material is extracted with precision, leaving you with a smooth clean foundation that is ready for your new driveway to be poured.
• With the removal complete, we will load all of the removed concrete and rubble onto our trucks and dispose of it, providing you with the peace of mind of a job well done.

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