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Backyard Clean Up

Shovelling and man handling large quantities of soil and debris can be extremely labour intensive and taxing on the body. If you require a site work, brick paving and driveway preps, or you are looking for a complete backyard blitz, big or small, whatever your job might be, give us a call.

We would love to help you achieve your goal.

Troon Civil Ltd can remove all types of unwanted rubble, soil and site rubbish, concrete driveways, redundant gardens, lawns, even muck out a farm pens/ stall.
With our digger or ASV (bobcat), 8 wheeler Hook truck and bin (Bin capacities 25cubic to 33cubic meters), or our 6 wheeler truck and trailer combo we can 

remove more rubble and do fewer trips to the landfill saving the environment with less diesel emissions, and it also saves you time and money.
With our experience, we can offer you the advice you need with all your earthworks, renovations, and garden needs at a result you will be happy with.
All these can be daunting, confusing, labour-intensive pain full job, but at Troon Civil ltd we like happy stress free customers so before any project is started we want you to know exactly what is involved, PLANING, COST, WHAT MACHINES WILL BE USED & START/ COMPLETION DATES. 

We want your experience with your project to be stress free.